My guess is that if you’ve found your way to my website you are a parent looking for some support, new ideas, a different approach from the one you’re using or maybe some ways to parent differently from how you were parented.I’m glad you’re here. Parenting should not be done alone. It is truly the most important task of your lifetime. Doing this job well also happens to be the most challenging task of your lifetime, and holds the most potential for growth and personal development on your part than most other experiences.

Parenting is about forging a life long relationship, based on mutual respect. How to keep supporting the growth of the relationship with your child while at the same time succeed in getting your 3 year old to go bed, in maintaining your cool while your 5 year old pitches a fit at the toy store, and in getting your 11 year old to take out the trash with out threats of video restrictions is the challenge. And this is where I come in.

I’m here to help you operate with Heart thinking followed by Head thinking rather than the other way around.  Heart thinking looks at the whole picture, gets into the other’s shoes without loosing sight of your own shoes, and doesn’t forget the long term goals. Head thinking is focused on getting result here and now (sometimes despite the damaging long term effects). It narrowly fixates on the behavior and not the reasons for the behavior, and is often focused from one perspective, namely, yours. We need both our heads for logical steps to take and our hearts for emotional connection to be an effective parent, but the place to start is with the heart! 

The challenging behaviors that children display are many: defiance, aggression, temper tantrums, avoiding chores, whining, and on and on.  Our reactions are just as varied: yelling, threatening, ignoring, rewarding, blaming, punishing, and on and on. Let's talk about what your specific challenges are and let me offer you some tools to put into play that will bring about more cooperation, and untimately a deeper connection bewteen you and your child.

Spend some time here. Get a feel for what I offer. A free initial phone consultation is offered to every family.

Colleen Murphy
Child and Parent Educator 

Supporting respectful relationships
is the heart of the matter.